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I offer art workshops that specialize in watercolour, drawing, and mixed media. If a group or individual has a particular interest I will design a workshop or course to fulfill the choice. I have been an art instructor since 1989, working with community art centres, public schools, adult continuing education programs, as well as clientele in a home setting. This has enabled me to experience a variety of students ranging from the very young to the elderly, with the full spectrum of levels and needs. My approach to teaching combines traditional studio methods with innovative exercises, shared discussions, and a holistic approach to art.

I like to invite into the arena of the classroom different aspects that go into making art, including history, science, myth, philosophy, spirituality and mathematics. Often it isn’t necessary to speak directly about all of these things but deeper insights are achieved through the physical and conceptual demands of artistic creation. By exploring and enhancing their innate creativity, students of all ages broaden their perceptions of the world. Daily experiences take on richer meaning and the student develops a renewed sense of positive engagement with life.

2009 Fall Visual Arts Mississauga - www.visualartsmississauga.com
   A World of Art: A hands-on mixed media approach to Art History. Adults
   Drawing Level I: Adults
   Creazy Minds: Mixed media series to enhance creativity. Teens

Next Step to Active Living Program
   Healing Arts Series: This course combines drawing, painting and poetry for adults.

2010 Winter Mississauga Seniors Centre
   Advanced Watercolour Workshops for Seniors

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